Be a bloody legend.

A new anti-drink driving campaign from New Zealand succeeds by not patronising its main audience and recognising how young people can find it difficult to tell friends not to drive drunk...
Clemenger BBDO Wellington's spot for the New Zealand Transport Agency aims to encourage young people to speak up if they feel someone they know is about to drive when drunk.
The impact of saying nothing is played out in the ad tongue-in-cheek style as a young man comes to terms will all the things that will happen to him should his friend be killed in an accident. Not the schmaltzy route this – instead, the man winces at the fact that he will probably have to live with his friend's family and that his friend's ghost will no doubt be on his case.
The spot, directed by Steve Ayson via The Sweet Shop in Auckland, is delivered brilliantly and, unusually for a drink driving campaign, with plenty of humour. But the campaign comes out of some fairly blunt statistics that the NZTA has for drink driving in New Zealand – and is the reason that the cast largely features Maori actors.
According to them, "over 40% of all drink-driving crashes involve drunk drivers under the age of 24 years. In all fatal or serious injury-related crashes in 2008-2010, 82% of the drinking drivers in those crashes are male. 34% of all drinking drivers in those crashes, and 38% of the young drivers, are Maori. One in five (19%) of all drinking drivers in crashes are aged 15-19, another 24% are 20-24."

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